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Hi I’m Kris, and my world is about helping people find their freedom. It’s that simple!


When I was 27 I started property Investing and entered into the world of Money. Growing up I had a life of having money and losing money. This cycle was due to our  family habits and narrative of the story we were stuck in.  In my mid 30's I decided to change that story...

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Satisfied Customers

When we met with Kris, we were trying to get our heads around property investment.  A short time into our meeting, we could see that Kris knew her stuff.  With many years of property investment behind her, she was able to share how we were able to begin our journey towards property investment.  Even though it all seems complicated and a little daunting, I know that I could give Kris a call and she would give me honest and trustworthy coaching.  Thank you for your time with us Kris, we really appreciated it.

April P

For people wanting to know how to get out of debt, learn to make good investment choices and be free but feel like they are alone, don’t know who to turn to or keep loosing focus Kristine Waters offers personal financial coaching to help get your money habits in order so they can move forward and be free, really free!
Kris provided direction and accountability to help me grow my investments. Unlike other services Kris understood the practical and emotional aspects of finance coupled with spiritual intuition giving me personally the ability to overcome, maintain debt free living, grow financially and personally. I highly recommend her!

Michelle T

I didn’t know I could have any power or negotiations with the banks concerning my debts until I had my first coaching session.This has helped a lot to realise they can’t take anything from me if I have nothing against the loans. Nice having the power and then potentially when I get back on my feet I can pay everything off in a structured way. Basically you have given me hope for the future.

Liam C

I'm in!
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