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Kristine Waters

 As I look back on compiling mountains of debt from an existing family business from my early 20’s… which I like to refer to this as my University Training on Debt and money days. 

In some ways it was the toughest moment in my history, but through it I discovered my passion, which is to help people boss up to their money through debt reduction or debt busting.


Off the back of my property investing knowledge, compiled over the previous 22 years,  I studied and researched the guts out of why we live the way we do.  Getting into debt or simply just getting by without being able to  get onto the first rung of property investing, let alone save or build a nest egg for our retirement. 


Creating a healthy Money future has been life changing for my family, and it was with white knuckles and grit that I pushed my way to the place of financial freedom, and-it-was-hard! The journey to financial freedom inspired me to create the help I needed, for others. 

It is A LOT easier to get to financial freedom with a wingman! The one thing I always wished I had when walking the journey was someone to walk alongside...something more than just reading books.


Being a Horse Riding Coach I understood the value of ‘Coaching’ and where coaching can take you that you can’t always get to by yourself.  “No man is an island” 


And in terms of money,  We all need a money coach! Why? Because we are tripped up daily by the busyness of our distracted lives! 


Which brings us to now, Kristine Waters, Ramsey Certified money coach… pleased to meet you.


Now if you have found your way to reading the sound of my voice here, I'm going to assume you are somewhere along the storyline between wanting financial freedom and getting it… 

Can I just say, you have come to the right place! It’s time for us to teach your money who’s the boss and where it can go!  

Let’s do this! Financial freedom, here we come!

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