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Always a hard one to start!

There are a few key aspects to getting your head around this. First ask yourself these 3 questions….

Do I know how much I spend...?

Do I know how much I really earn?

Do I know where my money goes?

If you answered No to any, here are some budgeting and spending plan tips but first let’s get to the why behind the budget.

…Simple but not so simple

Firstly, the WHY behind the budget is it helps you control your spending. It's important to be the Boss of your own money! Not money, be the boss.

Usually everything's good until it isn’t! So let’s not wait for the isn’t’s to come. You know those holy crap moments of I’ve nothing left in the coffers and have a big fat expense I need to cover.

The big WHY is to be the boss!

The second WHY is to get that Long Game sorted, you know the one, the retirement years. They may be close or far away but seriously it’s something that you need to think about.

Another WHY is to help others, this could be you kids, your friends, your parents, the single mum down the road, the kid in the car accident. People need help at times and we need to help!

  1. Budgeting is one of the most important money habits you can adopt!

You need to know what’s coming in and going out. Money is amoral, this means it acts on no emotion. Fact is it acts on your emotion and if you're an ostrich it will go into the sand with your head and disappear! It’s a head game this budgeting thing. So get your head in the game and get to it.

  1. Have a plan and start!

Depending on your personality, it’s a good idea to have a plan to start budgeting. Set yourself a date and time. If you have a partner, set a time together to sit down and budget. Budget like your boss in your world!

  1. Excel or Google Sheets

There are heaps of templates online or you can click here to grab my template. Try and make the template work for you. Using Excel or sheets the numbers are all in front of you!

  1. Do the THREE Budget game to expand the mind!

3 Budgets What?????

Yep that’s what I said, here comes the brain spin!

Budget 1…. The This is what I think I know Budget

Download the budget sheet and enter all the amounts off the top of your head, educated guesses!

Budget 2… The Actual Budget!

This budget is getting it real, you go through your receipts, bank statements, income statements, everything

Budget 3…. The Dream it big Budget

This budget is to help expand the mind, it’s not real, it’s not meant to be real, it’s meant to be a dream of financial freedom. What would it look like and what would it cost if I was financially free?

Now there are some ground rules!

It’s not real and think as big as your mind can stand.

This budget could potentially bring up some issues of anything…,

DON’T skip this step.

DON’T skip this budget.

DON’T be afraid to go for it.


The reason is we’ve lost the childlike ability to dream, this budget is meant to be a dream budget, it’s not meant to be real. It’s an exercise in expanding your mind to get out of that square of a comfort zone. The one we’ve been conditioned to get ourselves into. The conditioning and responsibility albeit necessary have sometimes taken the dream factor away. Enjoy the moment and let the mind start seeing further than where you are right now! Dream for Dreaming sake, don’t let that voice in your head say it’s silly! It’s not!

Book Recommendation!

The One Minute Millionaire by Robert G Allen and Mark Victor Hansen

It’s an oldie but a goodie!

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