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Comparison is the Killer of Joy!

7.9% of Australians invest in property! That’s it! It's just not enough!!

Why do I start with that when I'm talking about comparison?

Well, firstly, property is the biggest wealth builder of our society.

It is yes, really!

It does take more money to start than shares but profits are big in the long term. Of course if you know what your doing, buy where you can make money etc but the reason I’ve thrown that figure out is that means…..

92.1% of Australians DON’T have an investment property!

How does this fit with Comparison. Well firstly, if you want to compare with someone who’s doing extremely well then you really need to look at the 7.9% but reality is it’s probably 2% of Aussies who invest in more than one property so compare away but there really is no point to it. Not enough people fully understand how to make money! So don't bother comparing.

Oops, did I say that out loud? Yep!

Platforms are popping up everywhere to learn about money, if you don’t like my style you might like something geared to Gen x, Y’s, boomers, millennials…...perennials and god knows what else. There are heaps, less and less excuse to stay in the dark.

I just want to see more people be independent to make choices they can make without feeling pressured into it.

I’m talking about having the freedom to say no to someone telling you when to work, how to work, when to have holidays why to have holidays when to have time to do leisure, how long you are allowed for lunch, where you can have lunch, what you can do with your life because they decide how much money you earn...Boss’s are great but if you feel stuck you need to start thinking outside the box.

Comparing is a Kill Joy! It is it’s super stupid, it’s crazy. I do it and then give myself an upper cut to slap myself back in line because it’s sooooo dumb! Yes dumb dumb dumb because it serves only one purpose and this is……...drum roll…….


So don’t compare, you're comparing with 92.1% of a population, 7.9% of a population or 2% of a population that really don’t care what you do or don’t do with your life, money, time, energy or self. Unless of course it directly effects them! Harsh I know but it is true. Most people really are so busy they just don’t have the band width to be bothered with others. Not from a bad heart but from a usually over busy life, insecurities of their own or busy also comparing, oh and of course there are those who don’t compare and just get on with it….MEEEEEE please!

So property is the go but what happens if you don’t have enough money to invest in property?

What percentage of the population is invested in cryptocurrency? Yes, I’ve dived in to this topic because I’m having a dabble!

Among investors between the ages of 18 and 34, 15% of people have invested money in cryptocurrency. This drops to 11% of investors between the ages of 35 and 64. And just 4% of investors aged 65 and over have purchased crypto investments.

Clearly younger people are able to grapple with the changing tide of investing. I believe with knowledge both shares and crypto are good ways to create extra cash. But like Real Estate they are a long term thing to make really good capital.

I’m a property girl through and through but I do have shares and am playing with crypto because I believe in diversification. I also am wanting to see how much I can make on a weekly basis with $1000 invested doing some basic buying and selling. I’ll keep you posted on this because it possibly is better than a part time job! It's looking pretty good though and thats just working on tips from a good friend!

I just don’t like to believe others unless I know them personally. So the best way for me to find out is to have a go myself! Look out world :)

People think they are limited. Too Old, Too Young, Too something...Noooo YOU ARE NOT!

My Dad is 79 Years of Age, he lost everything in his late 60’s and has bought multiple investment properties in the past 5 years. Yes, it’s possible and yes he’s unique but he’s unique because of ONE BIG REASON, he actually THINKS HE CAN!

See that’s personal.

Now if you’ve amazingly read this far in this busy culture

People make it after 50!

Just look at Kentucky fried Chicken. He’s my all time standout favourite.

He had so many rejections along his journey to riches that I think the heavens opened up and said for goodness sakes give the guy a break, he wasn't a young chicken by then either!

What about Ray Kroc who convinced the McDonald brothers to franchise out their burger takeaway and ended up buying them out 6 years later….we all know Maccas!

Picasso became famous after he died!!! Well really famous and rich! We really don’t want to wait that long!

Laura Wilder made a motsa on Little House on the Prairie! She was 65 when she published her first book series. She sold over 60 million copies. Was she young enough to enjoy it who knows. Maybe we need to just learn from this and step out earlier!

Whatever is holding you back from making changes STOP IT! Haha yes I’m having a chuckle for telling you what to do.

Look at people doing what you want to do and compare up if you must. Compare in the right way if you compare at all! Use it as an inspiration but never compare to feel low, down, that you aren't good enough, shame, sadness. That is simply the wrong sort of comparing. It’s unproductive and serves NOBODY!

Start small, baby steps, invest and Enjoy the ride!

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