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Compounding........The Eight Wonder of the world!

Compound Interest is the Eighth Wonder of the World.... Albert Einstein

Ok, So let's start with some other quotes to get us all going and in the right headspace!

No excuses, if you aren't good at something work harder and smarter!
I’m too Old….if you have breath in your lungs you still have the opportunity!
It’s not OVER unless YOU QUIT!

Yes it’s easier to start younger but DON’T let the “it’s too late” to start stop you. If you can grasp compounding, you will really get excited about your future!

Be the one to say NO it’s not a big achievement to go along with the crowd.

There is a big pay-off for compounding, Dave Ramsey gets excited explaining it!

We are conditioned to think that success and personal achievement comes easy! We are conditioned to not have to wait, we are conditioned to want what we want without sacrifice.

If you want to get anywhere you have to sacrifice. An olympic athlete may sacrifice time going out with friends to reach their goal, may sacrifice the food they want to put into their mouth.

The become financially free you may have to sacrifice takeout, maybe buy less clothes but there generally is a sacrifice and if you know your WHY and understand COMPOUNDING then it’s so much easier!

Biggest trick in life is to be settled at Comfy. World changers don’t get settled at “the good life” they continue to move to the “great life”.

Compounding is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small smart choices.

Small changes don’t show big results, I guess that’s why it's hard to see why it’s worth it.

It’s simple, that’s the problem.

The problem with being simple is most people give up too soon.

Someone starts running or walking, eating better, putting savings away and just can’t see the benefits initially so gives up.

How do we keep going?

It’s getting to the why (I know I’m repeating myself :)), these small what seem like insignificant steps if completed consistently will create a radical difference in your life.

Small smart choices + consistency + time = Radical Difference (Darren Hardy - Compound Effect)

Here’s an example of how the Compound Effect works.

This example is of how doubling a penny everyday works over 31 days! It’s just a great visual example of how it works.


Top Tips, Not 3 but 6....couldn't stop at 3!

  • Read 10 pages of a good motivational/learning book each day.

  • Listen to half hour of motivational/learning each day. Turn the news off and listen to positive!

  • Deposit something ($3.50) per day into a savings account.

  • Check your accounts. Just have a quick look to make sure nothing is out of whack!

  • Substitute one sugar drink with Water (yes helps clear the brain)

  • Walk an extra 2000 steps per day, helps with clarity and brain health

The book The Compound Effect is an excellent book explaining how compounding works.

To grab Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect click here It's so worth spending the time to read it!

Compounding can’t help but make a ripple effect for those around you. Whether it’s positive or negative compounding has a habit of working out so well over time.

Looking back

If you look back over your life whether that be small or long and take note of what you’ve done see if you can notice anything that’s created a positive or negative situation over time.

For example. When I hit my head coming off my horse I literally stopped exercising because of a brain bleed. I used to have a biscuit or two a day with my cup of tea, it’s the English blood in me, can’t help it! Not much changed except my horse ride and I was a little less active, I may have added the odd extra bicky but nothing huge. At first I didn’t notice anything but after 8 weeks of these changes I realised I gained weight, I’d actually gained around 4kg’s! It was slow and steady. I didn’t notice it to begin with. If I’d kept going I’d have gained 8, 10, 12kg! That is compounding at it’s finest.

Only you Can DO THIS!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a magic pill that just transformed our daily habits. Haha, no chance of that. It really is up to us.

The key here is to keep these daily compound changes into bite sizes. Small enough to not overwhelm, large enough to make some difference!

Hardwork Discipline and Good Habits

Good work ethic no matter what you are doing is the key to most things in life, whether it’s making changes, growing businesses. Good work ethic means you keep working when nobody is looking, you keep doing what you know you need to do.

Blue Days

We all get a blue day here and there and in some seasons more often than we would like. Planning for these ahead of time can help with staying the course. Have a plan about what you can when those days come ahead of time!

BLUE days happen! If you have your compounding steps in place you already have habits that are creating a better future and its easier to stay the course! It's easier to slip back into the positive steps even if you have a couple of negative ones.

So here you have it! You've watched your video's, you've started your learning path, you've cut some sugar out, your walking more, your counting your pennies to change your habits......where to from here?

Just come and CLICK HERE and we can have a chat about what to do next! If your having probs getting started CLICK HERE also. We can have a chat and I may just be able to give you some tips!

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