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Mind Games, it's a BIG topic!


Abundance Vs Scarcity!

Know your Mind!

Watch Your Thoughts

Thoughts create Words

Words Create Actions

Actions Create Habits

Habits Create Future

Both sets of thinking work. If you have a mindset that there is enough for everyone there is more out there for me you’ll start walking the path to get it.

The Same with Scarcity, if you feel like money’s only for the rich, or that person over there, there’s not enough out there you’ll go without.


If you have a scarcity mindset you won’t have enough, it will be a struggle each day. Actually, you will have this same mindset and feeling of struggle whether you have money or not...commonly also known as the Poverty Mindset. I don’t like using the words poverty mindset but there really isn’t another way to describe it.

Life gives to you what you think, not what you have.

It’s a choice

I don’t think a person who is successful is better than someone who isn't, they have just chosen differently how to think. The battle is still there, the daily mind check needed to create the changes is still there. I think the one difference is they are INTENTIONAL!

They put things in place to keep their MIND from playing GAMES! They put things in place to WIN THE GAME!

(Plus 10 or 11 or 12...couldn’t stop lol) that Successful Person does differently, it’s usually OVERCOMING FEAR!

  1. They are grateful

  2. They stay focused

  3. They check their boundaries

  4. Practice Mindset habits.

  5. Know the principle of Things I do today determines the habits I have tomorrow which determines the mindset I have for life. Check self

  6. Ask themselves what kind of mindset do I have today?

  7. Be self aware....Self Awareness.

  8. Only surround self with positive people, yes keep your friends but in this sphere of change make sure you have positive people in your close circle, the ones doing what you want to do, the ones who build you up.

  9. Winning Mentality! win the day, win at life. Win the morning! Sometimes you have to fight to win!

  10. Break your goals down, milestones you achieve on the way to keep you interested..know your why!

  11. Discipline, baby step habit changes

  12. Have a Mentor Further ahead

  13. Solutions not excuses

  14. Control your fear, have courage while facing difficulty

You have to pay the price to get the goods, if you don’t pay the price you get an entitlement attitude….Anon (maybe John Maxwell!)

Paying the Price

Even writing this heading I get nervous as I know some will switch off right now. But there is a price. It’s so worth the price. The price of beating the mind games is freedom. If we get it free, we get an entitled attitude which creates all manner of other problems….we won’t go down that rabbit hole, as that’s a whole other blog!

There is a bit of a path I use to explain how to unscramble the mind, get to freedom and use courage to beat the mind games!

Let’s look at some Steps we can take on this path!

The Path of Fear!

Fear is mind game play at its best, it underlines most reasons and excuses as to why you don’t move out of your comfort zone. Fears can come in so many forms. Fear of lack,

Fear of success,

Fear of giving up a comfort zone,

Fear of being different, Fear of change.

Good intentions are useless without having actions.

Actions get stifled by Fear and Fear needs to be CONQUERED!

Push through Fear to get to Freedom!

Follow the path of fear, conquer it and you get to…

The Door of Courage!

You’ve walked through the path Fear and you come to a door, right, so now what? This is where courage comes into play!

Do you open it or not? This door could look like a new career path, changing homes, starting a side business/hustle. Doing something different that generally means a sacrifice.

This is the transformation step, you need to live with intention. This is where you stop accepting what is and go through the door of what could be.

Nobody ever went up hill by accident. You have to find your strengths and be very intentional about going up the hill!

The Promised Land!

The place of YES! The place where the hard work pays off!!

The place where there is benefit from the sacrifice.

This is the place where you walk in the promises of your choices.

Each choice has a promise.

The Freedoms that go with paying now and playing later.

Each Choice has a Promise!

How does this look?

Each choice has a promise.

I choose to spend I choose to save

I choose to listen to positive I choose to listen to negative

I choose to Invest I choose to leave money in the bank

I choose to become intentional about my daily habits or I choose to let life just happen.

I choose to surround myself with positive people I choose to stay with the negative.

Each choice leads somewhere.

Conquering the "Battle of the Mind" follow the path....

At times it is a battle, it’s a battle to stay on the path and it’s a battle to overcome! Who you listen to determines how you overcome.

3 Tips to Help with the Battle of the Mind.

  1. Listen to People who have overcome, Read Biographies on people who have survived!

  2. Create Real Goals and understand your Why

  3. Have a Battle Plan!

Getting through the battle is what gives you the confidence to get through the next battle of crisis!

If you listen to crap you’ll get poop…. Kris Waters !!

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