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Start Where you your own race!

Comparison is the killer of Joy!

Where are you?

What’s your headspace?

What’s your goals?

Do you know where REALLY stand with your finances?

What’s your Money Story?

Who’s in your sphere of influence? You know the 6 people closest to you?

Aaah Blows the mind when you list it all hey? But let's just start simple and start right where you are....the basics, the baby steps.

Where you REALLY are!

Meaning, don’t look at others….yes have a mentor, a coach, some goal setting friends but don’t compare. DO NOT COMPARE! Killer of Joy that comparing thing is and you have only one life to live and try and enjoy the journey. Comparison, keeping up with the joneses, worrying what people think will KILL that joy quick smart.

So, you’re starting from behind, did you know some of the most famous, most successful people in the world started from behind.

Even my journey, behind, BIG time! When I say big I mean BIG 6 FIGURES big. But guess what, with determination, the right advice, some staying power, little steps at a time, a bit of grit and guts we absolutely made it out of the big whole.

My kids school (in fact it's a big thing I discovered!) have this whole learning pit analogy to help them cope with being stuck in a big whole. I love that analogy...check out the figure here, easier to explain.

The learning pit is the place where you just feel stuck! You can easily fall into it. Especially with options like buy now, pay later (Click here to read) credit cards and the like. So just stay away from those slippery temptations. The Learning Pit Analogy by James Nottingham is really a great way to look at getting out of our comfort zone and moving through challenges understanding what our learning outcome will be.

This Youtube Video explains it super well! Click here to watch

Once in the learning pit it’s time to really learn, get your head sorted climb out, most times with a helping hand and enjoy the freedom from the growth of climbing out.

So where are you? It doesn’t matter because believe it or not financial fitness, financial security and financial success all has to start somewhere and usually it’s in the mind. Of course we have the practical steps but they won’t stay put unless you have that big MENTAL shift!

Today is the day to begin. Here’s my list of the 7 Steps to Start!

In debt? No worries, it’s second on the list. Have no emergency worries that’s first on the list!

  1. Create and emergency fund $1500-$2000 this is for those little emergencies that crop up, like broken car, hot water heater gone (if you own), you know those pesky things that cost and can send you backwards. This money you don’t touch! See I said create, well, you can sell stuff, get a second job, cut down drastically for a small season until you achieve your goal of $1500-2000 or if you can sustain it keep going

  2. Pay of the Debt. Follow the Debt Snowball process. Smallest to biggest with compounding each payment onto the next.

  3. Now we are getting somewhere. We need to create 3-6 months worth of emergency rainy day funds.

  4. Start investing into your retirement or saving for your own home. I’m a Ramsey Coach and tend to agree with the strategy of 15%. This could be into super, managed funds, your own home etc. But get that happening.

  5. Kids going to Uni? Higher Education? Save for this. If you’ve past this stage then skip 5 and head straight to investing.

  6. Pay off your Home Early (not investment property/s) pay your Principal place of residence off. Now there’s more than one way to skin a cat here but for argument sakes this is the next focus.

  7. Build Wealth, Give and be a WORLD CHANGER, this is the place where real stuff happens. We can also use this phase to help pay off your Principal place of residence early.

Here it is all mapped out.

I throw the odd extra step here and there but this is a basic blueprint of how to work to get ahead.

Want some specific questions answered, click here and book a 30 minute for $60 Consult to get a kick start.

But most of all, get started!

Right where you are!

If you want to learn more, click here to listen to our podcasts, The Healthy Cash Cow, they are sure to help that mindset start to change!

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